The Academy Awards red carpet is rarely interesting from the second it begins, but this year’s attendees did us want to turn up their splendor games big time before the show. Emilia Clarke decide to container-dye her platinum hair returned to brunette, Bradley Cooper brought returned Jackson Maine’s well-known beard, Charlize Theron arrived with a bob so sharp it may cut glass — and Ashley Graham up to date a traditional ballerina bun with an explosion of hair bows we did no longer see coming.

Ashley Graham Just Made The Ballerina Bun So Much Cooler For The Oscars 1

With one twirl, Graham — who isn’t always even nominated for an award — managed to scouse borrow the entire pre-show. She appeared glamorous and traditional with a smoky eye and middle-element combo; however, she then grew to become around to reveal a bun blanketed in mini velvet hair bows.

Graham’s pass-to hairstylist, Justine Marjan, found out on Instagram that the package deal of add-ons got here custom from Jennifer Behr because of this, they’re probably out of all our budgets. (Just one unmarried hair bow from the dressmaker charges close to $200.)

Price apart, it is clean this trend has formally been revived thanks to Graham… Graham is not the first superstar to try the center-college accessory these days — Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, and Jessica Chastain have showcased their preference for the appearance within the past — but hers will pass down in Oscars purple-carpet history. So we will go to Target and get dupes later.


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