One of the first lessons they educate you in journalism school: “If your mom says she loves you, check it out.” The memorable adage is a reminder to by no means take whatever at face fee without first verifying it yourself. Honestly, it is not something I’ve ever had an issue with earlier than I’m lots skeptical, thank you very tons. So while tasked to test every product inside the full-size First Aid Beauty line, I knew there might be a few winners, a few losers, and many downright forgettable — it’s the herbal order of factors, right?

I Tried $1,050 Worth Of First Aid Beauty Products — & This Is My Honest Opinion 1

I became very wrong. Because with pretty much every cleaner, moisturizer, mask, eye cream, and serum I tried, I got here to just about the equal impossible conclusion: It’s actually excellent. (Also, why doesn’t this value extra?) For the maximum component, the formulation is mild but sense like they’re doing something. Retinol and alpha-hydroxy acid resurfacers failed to make my pores and skin experience prickly or look red — and almost the entirety in the line jewelry in at beneath $50. Overall, my month and a 1/2 of testing nearly 35 products proved overwhelmingly positive. Ahead, see which merchandise stored my pores and skin put up-Vegas ride, which has been brought to my gymnasium bag, and the few that didn’t make the reduction.

It’s now not smooth being Kim. Between reading for her upcoming law assessments (can we ever be over this?) and looking after her 3 children, she’s managing a million other corporations and still finding time to ‘gram. Priorities. Despite all this, her pores and skin never offer away her annoying way of life. Seriously, has that girl ever seen a shadow beneath her eye? Any-who, aside from (what we count on are) bi-weekly facials and treatments, Kim is packing on some superb skincare, that is without a doubt doing something right.

Attending one in all stated treatments at facialist Melanie Grant (a favorite of VB’s) and sharing it on her Instagram, Kim then posted a % of her skincare stash, which she makes use of to hold her sparkling skin at home. There are a few frame care products thrown in, too, for the top degree. Unsurprisingly, it is a high-priced bunch of chocolates – Augustinus Bader, we see you! However, if you’re up for dropping some serious cash in alternate for an otherworldly complexion, browse and keep the whole lot under. #skincareoverrent – continually.


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