When it comes to all matters hair in tropical climates, matters can get difficult! Whether you are styling or clearly taking care of it, there are a few belongings you need to maintain in mind—particularly whilst the weather is oscillating from dry cold to sticky warmness. Celebrity hairstylist, Amit Thakur offers us the low-down in this season’s most up to date hair trends, and how to achieve them with minimal damage to your hair.
ELLE: What are this season’s hottest hair developments?
Amit Thakur: This season is all approximately diverse textured hairstyles, whether or not it’s seashore waves, free curls or massive curly hair! Straight smooth hair is likewise trending. People are open to playing around with diverse hair textures.
ELLE: What’s the first-class manner to style your hair with minimal harm?
AT: As we all recognize, warmth damage on hair is irreversible, so I would advocate the use of a terrific warmth safety spray on the hair after every wash; it now not handiest saves the hair from the harm of heating equipment but also from the UV rays. In addition, one must put money into a hair styling device that stops warmness harm. My favored one device is the Dyson Airwrap that guarantees you don’t harm your hair as the intelligent heat generation on this gadget measures the temperature of air 40 instances each 2nd and sends that fact to the microprocessor which doesn’t over warmth the hair, not like other hair gear within the market.
ELLE: Since the weather is transitioning into summertime, what’s the great way to save your hair from frizzing, or looking dry and lifeless?
A: As I said above the usage of the proper heat protection prevents hair from any warmth harm that may be as a result of the UV rays of the sun and hence additionally reduces hair frizzing. I for my part love the cream base one from Kerastase (cement thermique) and additionally summer time is all approximately greasy and sweaty limp hair, so I’d propose one to hold an amazing dry shampoo always, each time you sense your hair is dead simply spray a generous amount, segment via section on the roots and your hair is ready and voluminous for 2 greater days!
ELLE: Three hairstyles which might be perfect for the on-the-pass lady?
AT: First could be a pointy middle parted sleek low bun and is ideal to go from office to dinner. Second could be a big ponytail that is straightforward to do and looks young and a laugh. Third would be a messy textured top knot. It has plenty of attitudes and is easiest to create and the satisfactory component is that it is able to be carried out on dirty hair, making it perfect for the lazy lady.


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