When it comes to your mane, you want it to appearance shampoo-industrial worthy–which essentially means vibrant hair that’s frizz-unfastened and movements adore it’s made from silk. But unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. You see, it all comes right down to your hair-care ordinary, which (shocker!) isn’t the same for every person. So, we asked some of India’s main hair experts on the typically found hair kinds and the TLC routines they should observe:

Experts Reveal The Hair-Care Routine You Need Based On Your Hair Type 1

Dry and frizzy hair

“If you have got dry hair, use moisturizing hair-care products. If need be, choose an in-salon hydrating hair spa treatment,” says Vijay Chanakya, a Sebastian Professional expert. “The Sebastian Professional Hydre shampoos and conditioners are incredible domestic-care products for hydrating your hair. Apply a depart-in product to reduce down on frizz. Also, attempt a specific parting to avoid static-hat hair. You can also need to apply a warmth protector spray earlier than you blow-dry to overcome the static. Additionally, static-loose brushes and combs also are effortlessly available in India these days.

For everyday hair

“Choose a gentle cleaning and moisturizing shampoo as ordinary hair texture is healthy and has a herbal shine that desires to be maintained. Apply a lightweight conditioner to hold your hair’s herbal softness after shampoo, accompanied with the aid of a light serum,” indicates Pooja Singh, countrywide creative director — hair, Lakme Salons.

For curly hair

Curly hair tends to be frizzy and consequently feels dry. So, always select a nourishing and wealthy shampoo. “Use a mosque rather than a light conditioner. Apart from serum, you may additionally use depart-in conditioners that nourish, fashion, and help maintain the herbal curls,” says Pooja. Tip: To make sure curly hair does no longer frizz, don’t comb while your mane is dry. “You ought to always comb or finger-comb your hair when it is moist/damp in the shower. Once out, follow the go away-in conditioner or serum and scrunch to hold the shape of the curl,” she provides.

For oily hair

If your hair is oily, wash it every 2d days. But if it looks, in reality, greasy the day after, you may shampoo day by day with cleaning or purifying the product. “This may seem apparent, but conditioning your hair is important as it moisturizes your hair and helps repair the herbal oils which you want,” says Javed Khan, technical supervisor, Streax Professional. “Do not apply conditioner for your roots as this can make your scalp more greasy. It is essential to understand that simplest conditioning is not sufficient–it is also very essential that you use completing merchandise like serums, argan oil, and so on,” he concludes.


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