We love a splendor mystery, and nowadays, Glossier has located the employer into a spin via sending out a cryptic email to subscribers announcing the March 2019 release of a new brand: Glossier Play. That’s all of the information so far. Naturally, Glossier Play has its very own Instagram account already, entire with a video of Donté Colley dancing to I Love Your Smile and a few glitter confetti. The electronic mail featured the Glossier Play brand towards a green satin historical past, which made us first think: intercourse toys? And…

Glossier Is Launching A New Beauty Brand, Glossier Play 1

Lube in the equal flavors as Balm Dotcom? Ok, you cannot swatch sex toys. But then Glossier Tweeted: “After years inside the making, we can wait that allows you to see, touch, concentrate, swatch, and play with what’s to come back lower back.” The Glossier Play Instagram bio reads:

Here for an excellent time”, which once more feeds into our complete sex add-ons hypothesis thanks to the frequency with which “Here for a splendid time, no longer a long term” pops up in Tinder bios (continually a splendid signal). But then it could moreover reference restricted-edition drops of makeup – probably in brilliant sun shades which includes the correct lime hue of the satin email background. Basically, we have no concept. We’re leaning toward the limited-edition make-up idea. But regardless, we are excited. Glossier’s New Milky Oil Make-Up Remover Is Gentle, Effective


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