Kangana Ranaut has by no means ceased to blow our minds along with her lovely fashion picks and so is the case with the 32-year-vintage’s splendor appears. Ranaut has constantly warmly embraced her herbal corkscrew curls, be it on-screen or off-display screen. When it comes to makeup, the Bollywood Queen without doubt nails the minimum but glam avatar quite results easily. Kangana is most usually visible taking inspirations from Hollywood’s bygone stars be it with the winged eyes, vintage hair-dos and of course the formidable lip. The Manikarnika superstar unabashedly claims that the glamour that includes this look for the red carpet is unbeatable. Here are five beauty looks Kangana Ranaut swears via for nailing it every single time.

#1 Brows before something and everything
Looking down the memory lane, the 32-year-antique had pretty a forehead transformation through the years. We are ever so glad that she ditched her notable skinny arched eyebrows for excellent and it is so lush and fab now. Whether you need to hold it minimum or ultra-glam, doing up your brows can take your entire make-up game a notch better. The sharp, described and fuller brows whole the look for the ‘Queen’ actress any day now.

#2 Shimmer at the lids is to swear through
While the alternative ladies of the B-metropolis have taken a diversion with ambitious shades and liner for the eyes, Kangana is sincerely rocking the shimmer lids be it with her sassy traditional appears or glossy formal ones. The glitter and metallic eye makeup are surely one the uber cool makeup fashion of the year and Kangana can’t agree more.

#3 Natural blush cheeks
Kangana Ranaut constantly steps out wearing the stunning obviously blushed out cheeks and we like it! This one makeup trick now not handiest complements your cheekbones but additionally adds a whole lot of liveliness and shade on your face. Dab a tinge of your favorite purple-peach lip color onto your cheeks and blend it religiously, this may do the trick proper for a herbal appearance.

#four Keeping it bare with an ambitious lip
Lately, the Bollywood big name has been baring it out with a no-makeup appearance but including a striking announcement with a bold appearance. This one lesson we picked up from Kangana is an actual keeper. She makes us trust in the energy of a pointy, rich burgundy moody lip coloration which could certainly be a display-stealer.


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