Nikita Dragun is a transgender YouTuber who got her start, in 2014, by using sharing make-up pointers with her fans. As she transitioned from male to female, she took her lovers alongside for the ride, being completely open in the course of the complete technique.
She turned into preschool when she first realized that she was exceptional. Dragun remembered, “I by no means desired to nap. I became continually mature for my age. I desired to place on a dress and look lovely. Everyone else can nap, but I’m going to be a princess over right here! But one day an instructor came over and asked why I was dressing up like this after which she called my dad and mom.”
After that incident, she closes down and stopped sporting clothes and performing “like a female.” She said, “I knew I become extraordinary and there have been positive things that I couldn’t display or I’d be bullied or teased.”
Once she was given to the school, she couldn’t disguise it anymore. Dragun said, “I became just the maximum female homosexual man obtainable, so I might get dressed in tight jeans, lashes, a touch purse, etc. People simply widely wide-spread me. But it wasn’t until university that I simply started out to expand my trans identity.”
She changed into customary to NYU, with a full scholarship, however, decided to stay home and attend network university rather. She stated, “My parents had been devastated that I didn’t receive the offer. But I simply wanted a year to figure matters out.”

So, Dragun was given a fake I.D, modified her call to Nicole and began hitting clubs in Washington D.C., with the aid of herself. She started out to test along with her garments and changed into amazed when she without problems handed as a lady. Around that time, she started posting on Instagram as a transgender woman. That led to her to begin a YouTube channel.
She stated, “I began to get little logo offers round that time. Even getting free make-up became super! I might get paid $10 or $20, and I turned into so excited! I made it! But I decided I wanted to begin a brand new life in Los Angeles, so I was given prevalent to FIDM for a diploma in commercial enterprise and advertising for cosmetics. I’ve always been enthusiastic about advertising and the media. I always desired to be a business logo proprietor. I desired to create matters. That become additionally after I decided to begin taking Instagram and YouTube significantly.”
Dragun had loads to juggle at the time. Not handiest became she exploring her trans identity, she turned into also balancing college, her social media and looking to pay the lease. About midway thru her very last year, her YouTube and Instagram started out to emerge as very a success and he or she debated dropping out of college. She stated, “I was very Hannah Montana at the time. I might be in magnificence, and we’d communicate approximately influencers and emblem deals, and my face could pop up at the screen and that they’d start talking approximately me! They had no concept that I become sitting within the elegance. I never wanted all of us to recognize.”
Her YouTube and Instagram truly began taking off when she started being greater sincere approximately her transformation. She said, “For approximately half of a yr, I wouldn’t tell all and sundry that I became transgender. Then, I started being honest and documented my adventure. It was certainly out of frustration. I desired to transition, and I had some of these questions, and couldn’t find answers anywhere online.”
She persevered, “I think it’s critical to teach. This yr I want to reveal greater. I think that’s why Victoria’s Secret issue turned into so impactful, as it confirmed me as a trans girl. But to me, what I’m doing as a businesswoman, or simply as someone, is simply as vital. “
Dragon is already aa hit businesswoman. In March, she launched her cosmetics line, Dragun Beauty. It bought out in 12 hours.
It is one of the first make-up brands to be owned via a trans female. Dragun Beauty is designed for transgender human beings and for humans of a wide variety. It is a surely inclusive logo.
One of her dreams for 2019 is to attempt new matters. She said, “I want to do something fundamental. I want to hold to push the bounds into new matters, like media. Could you believe the first trans pop famous person?”
If all and sundry should pull it off, it’s Nikita Dragun.


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