What if we advised you your pores and skin-care recurring was lacking one crucial step—and that said step was basically a splendor-boosting mini exercising for your face?
Okay, so maybe a facial rubdown doesn’t have quite the identical muscle-strengthening outcomes of your favorite HIIT class, however, it does faucet into the identical feel-desirable blessings—which is why beauty and fashion maven Grace Atwood is enthusiastic about the method as a part of her nightly ordinary.
“Taking that more 10 mins for yourself before mattress to double cleanse, use serum, use moisturizer, and perhaps do a little bit of facial rub down, it makes you sense higher,” she says. “There’s notable amounts of research for all the exquisite matters stress-factor massage can do on your pores and skin and your body.”
The buzzed-about benefits? Helping your merchandise penetrate better, growing blood float, and lowering fluid construct-up (AKA puffiness).
To clue you in on a way to include the exercise into your very own self-care arsenal, we teamed up with Reebok UNLOCKED (the simply-launched wellness rewards software that hooks you up with beauty bonuses curated through Well+Good, among other perks) and requested Atwood to percentage the blessings and instructions for a stress-factor facial rub down.
Scroll down for the doorstep-by way an of-step guide to facial rub down, immediately from an in-the-realize splendor blogger.
1. Start with a facial oil
The key to a spa-level massage is making sure your face is oiled up first, which is why it’s ideal to add the practice as the last step on your splendor habitual.
“For any kind of facial rub down and reflexology, just make certain which you use clean fingers, and which you follow something (an oil, a face mist) with a touch slip,” Atwood shares on her blog, The Stripe. “You in no way want to sense like you’re pulling on your skin.”
Her non-public evening skin-care ordinary includes double cleansing (with an oil-primarily based purifier accompanied through a gel face wash), then making use of a retinol serum, a wealthy moisturizer, and ultimately sealing everything in with a facial oil to prep for her DIY rub down.

2. Identify your face’s acupressure factors
Your acupressure factors make a diffused coronary heart form around your face, Atwood explains, and tapping into specific ones comes with specific advantages. Tracing alongside that coronary heart-shaped perimeter can assist with relaxation, which makes the exercise a perfect addition in your middle of the night recurring.
Atwood spends to a few mins massaging her face in circular motions all along the fringe of her face, especially that specialize in her jawline and under her cheekbones (due to the fact she stores plenty of anxiety there), however, experience unfastened to spend greater time on the areas that experience correct to you.


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