If you may consider it, Kourtney Kardashian turns forty these days.  In the remaining year, the fact TV star has now not been shy approximately displaying off her envious body in endless bikini pix and establishing up about her natural, healthful way of life (the situation of her new website, Poosh).

Kourtney Kardashian's Guide to Aging Backwards: Her 7 Best Beauty & Wellness Tips 1

It was given us wondering: How does she appear so dang precise and ageless? Perhaps it is the Kardashian genes or the reality that she has access to first-class dermatologists and personal running shoes, but Kourt swears numerous ways of life habits. Ahead, discover the beauty and health recommendations we’ve got learned from the eldest Kardashian sister in honor of her birthday.

She Applies Sunscreen Daily

The famous person wears SPF each day, rain or shine, shared in a Vogue video. Kardashian currently loves the EltaMD sunscreen to shield her pores and skin from damage, wrinkles, and pigmentation, and even applies it on her palms — a tip she picked up from sister Khloe.

She Takes Supplements

Vogue stated Kardashian takes an array of dietary supplements every day, which include collagen, olive leaf, MCT oil, and chlorophyll, and he or she tests her blood levels along with her holistic medical doctor while she completes a new vitamin percent.

She Uses a Body Scrub Every Other Day

Want to look suitable naked like Kourt? According to a piece of writing on Poosh, her trick to smoother, softer skin is exfoliating the body from the shoulders down every different day with a scrub. Her go-to is the Crushed Cabernet Scrub from Caudalie.

She Eats Gluten and Dairy in Moderation

Kardashian is thought of as her everything-organic, fitness-conscious way of life. Although she previously reduces out gluten and dairy, Kourtney discovered in October ultimate year on her now-defunct internet site, suggested via People, that she has slowly reintroduced them into her weight loss program in moderation even as on vacation: I’m trying to hold small amounts of both dairy and gluten in my system, so my body is used to it once I do have a touch.


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