Fashion Expert Emily Foley talks about summertime style tendencies ladies can add to their wardrobe. One of the largest traits going into Summer is shiny ambitious colors. You can include them in anything from a dress to a pant fit. Other trends can be included in your dresser, whether you’re hitting the beach or the office. This yr’s summertime style tendencies are ones anybody can use to spruce up their cloth wardrobe because the climate heats up.

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Sheriff weighs in on mechanic accused of ripping off customers.

Three human beings have now come forward alleging a nearby mechanic took their cash. However, they never finished the activity. Three people have now come ahead alleging a neighborhood mechanic took their cash and never finished the activity. These families said they paid nearby mechanics loads of dollars to have their automobiles repaired; however, their vehicles are worse than earlier.

Grand robbery motor automobile, dealing stolen assets, irritated battery with a deadly weapon,” stated Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith. “He’s were given the whole lot from violence to toddler cruelty. This report is incredible. Forty-three-year-old Richard Londres has 30 prison expenses on his file. The latest complaints occurred in Duval County. However, he’s recognized to Bradford County deputies; wherein there’s an energetic warrant out for his arrest for violating probation after a grand theft car conviction.

He’s were given a direction and a path of victims from human beings that paintings difficult to get something constant, and he is taking their cash,” stated Sheriff Smith. Last week, Melissa Young grew to become to the On Your Side crew whilst she located her vehicle left at a grocery keep, stripped of its components.

She said she surpassed over $1600 before finding out Ricky was never going to repair her car. When she called JSO, an officer told her it turned into a civil dispute. Travis Moore instructed First Coast News he hired Londres, who he says took the elements out of the car and failed to restore something. He says lost $900 within the process. This is our best car here, so I desire to make a higher selection on who I was given to do the work. Another woman we spoke to says they’d him sign a word announcing he could make paintings on the auto when they gave him 250 greenbacks… They by no means heard from him once more.

Sheriff Smith said that is greater than a civil rely. It’s a fraud.

We can go back and prove that you paid money to have your automobile fixed and they did not order the components, or they made no goal of solving the car, or they have pulled parts off of it,” said Sheriff Smith.
He stated detectives are searching out him proper now. People like this need to be stopped because they’re creating greater sufferers every day, and they don’t care. They’re not going to prevent till they’re caught,” stated Sheriff Smith.

At this time, Londres has not been charged in those incidents.

First Coast News spoke with Londres over the smartphone, and he denied all of the accusations. He said he is aware of the violated probation; however, he is not hiding from law enforcement. We also reached out to JSO about the incidents which have befallen Duval County. The spokesperson did now not get returned to us.


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