If there is the simplest one character whose advice you should certainly take on your wedding ceremony day makeup – it’s Charlotte Tilbury.
The queen of glow and glamour has been chargeable for the bridal make-up of a number of the most important A-list weddings, inclusive of Amal Clooney and Kate Moss.
So whether you’re doing all of your very own wedding ceremony make-up, or are simply after a few pointers for touch-Usain the course of the day, right here’s Charlotte’s final bride manual.
1. Prep with a sheet mask within the morning
I usually say you can’t have a lovely painting without a beautiful canvas. And a very good skin care ordinary is so vital, especially inside the lead up for your wedding, so that you’ll have the most ideal, dreamy, sparkling pores and skin on the day.
My Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask (£18) is best to use on the morning of the marriage to prep your complexion before applying make-up! It has a completely unique biomimetic vector transport system, feeding the complexion wherein it desires it maximum for an extra younger, brighter, hydrated searching finish.
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2. Blend your basis with your fingers
For foundation application and to avoid searching cakey, it’s key to prep the skin first to make certain you have got a stunning canvas to work with.
[After your sheet mask and moisturizer], use a primer. My Wonderglow (£38.50) is my move-to base product to ensure each make-up stays for hours.
When applying basis, I use just sufficient to create a really beautiful, glowing finish with subtle (however sufficient) coverage. Starting from the center of the face, mixture the inspiration outwards, handiest applying where a little more coverage is needed. I use my hands a lot because the warmth of your palms facilitates mixture it in properly.

Three. Set the t-sector with powder, but depart the cheeks
Once you’ve finished making use of [your foundation], use a finely milled powder like my Airbrush Flawless Finish powder (£34) to set the base and forestall the muse looking heavy, powdery or cakey.
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This finely milled powder feels just like the highest-thread depend on cashmere in opposition to your skin and allows to lock for your makeup results easily – it also gets rid of any unwanted shine for the pictures!
Once the bridal makeup look is entire, I practice it with a soft sculpting brush on the t-region, down the nose, at the chin, and throughout the forehead. I always preserve the cheekbones free of powder so they stay dewy looking and capture the light.
Four. Use a brighter blush to avoid looking washed out in pics
Lighting, flash or direct light may be harsh and will make you look washed out, so when applying your makeup, you need to certainly enhance your features.
Add barely extra definition to the face the usage of smart contouring hints, focusing on the nose, cheekbones, and jawline.


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