On Sunday night, the latest episode of Game of Thrones, sooner or later, gave us masses of long, loving looks of Jaime Lannister’s new beard. And it changed into about time. After a largely Jaime-less top of the line, which contained a dragon experience possibly reproduction and pasted into the episode’s script from a Reddit thread and Jon Snow responding “My father turned into the most honorable man I ever met” to news that he’s having sexual intercourse along with his aunt, we finally got what we desired:

Jaime Lannister’s Facial Hair Situations, Ranked by means of Season 1

Jaime’s new appearance! It is a splendid facial characteristic for Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s stunning head, and it offers us a glimmer of hope. Perhaps Jaime’s new beard will manual the rest of the very last season within the best path possible! Of route, Jaime’s facial hair lewks have modified pretty drastically throughout every season. So in honor of his new look, that is a ranking of all the Game of Thrones seasons in step with Jaime Lannister’s facial-hair scenario — from the boring smooth-shaven face of season one to the 5-o’clock shadow that doesn’t develop at all for the duration of seasons five through seven. I will deliver up the inconsistencies with Jaime’s redemption arc because it relates to his facial hair season by season lots, so bear and the maiden fair with me.

No facial hair technically doesn’t be counted as facial hair, but that is a situation we want to talk about approximately, please. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s chiseled cheekbones should easily slice butternut squash. And although we might by no means know the true seductive powers of this guy’s facial structure if it weren’t for Jaime Lannister’s naked face, this is the worst appearance of them all. Seeing Jaime look like he walked directly off the A Knight’s Tale set is as tough to observe as his continued relationship with Cersei long after his redemption arc in season three.

At first, the outline for Jaime’s season-4 facial-hair scenario became just going to be a gaggle of “ugh,” but that’s a higher description for the Myrcella rescue venture in Dorne. Not most effective does Jaime introduce an easy-shaven face in the season-4 optimal, “Two Swords,” however, he also sports activities ahead of brief hair without the signature golden Lannister locks. What occurred to his hair color? There’s never been a reason for this. Along together with his new do, Jaime emerges with a choice to get lower back in it (“it” meaning incest) with Cersei.

While Jaime’s facial hair grew and grew at some stage in seasons and 3, he won some angle on his past and did a few reflecting, which started a thrilling redemption arc. But with all the facial hair long past, he’s all of a sudden again to his vintage approaches, as though he discovered nothing over the last seasons of this system. Game of Thrones creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff assume that beards have an immediate correlation to person increase. But what if they’re proper? If I get my boyfriend to absolutely shave his facial hair off, will he ease our condominium unprompted? This is something to reflect consideration on.


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