All inside the circle of relatives! When Camilla Belle has a beauty or style conundrum, the When a Stranger Calls actress looks to her grandma or mother. The 32-12 months-vintage actress sat down with Stylish to speak about the launch of One Love Foundation’s Opens a New Window. #LoveBetter video marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day (which Belle directed) to train human beings approximately wholesome and bad relationships through a field of sweets where the tastes constitute various emotions.

Nine Self-Care Gifts to Treat Ourselves This Valentine’s Day Because We Deserve It Opens a New Window. Does the primary best Belle seem for in all of her relationships? Honesty. “I think if all events are sincere with every other and if there’s transparency, there can only be positivity from that,” she stated.

And Belle doesn’t shrink back from sharing her thoughts. “My pals recognize that I’m the maximum blunt individual within the group, and nothing is going via me,” she revealed. “I’m like the vintage woman therapist of my friend group. That’s my function for positive. All of my friends call it ‘Straight Talk with Camilla’ and make jokes approximately it! The cause she’s capable of experience, so at ease, being candid all comes down to her self-confidence. “I am a quite confident person, and I assume I always have been.

I’m sure that stems from feeling very cherished my whole lifestyle through my own family and pals and constantly having a totally stable foundation,” she defined. “Having self-assurance doesn’t mean being obnoxious. It doesn’t suggest being caught up, it’s simply understanding your cost and you’re really worth. I think to knock on wood, that’s never lacked for me,” she explained.

And at the same time as Belle can dish out everyday existence recommendation, the actress is based on her grandma or mom’s guidance for all matters make-up and fashion. I ought to supply several credit scores to my mother. She has been my stylist and garments extraordinaire my complete existence, so we type of work on the entirety collectively, to be honest,” she informed Stylish. “We’re without a doubt inspired through Elizabeth Taylor and Old Hollywood, so if whatever, I’ll flip closer to pictures of her.

Valentine’s Day 2019: Sexy Hair and Makeup Ideas Inspired via Celebrity Beauty Looks Opens a New Window. Other seasoned suggestions she’s inherited from her own family? “My mom always told me to clean my face absolutely and moisturize and I was pretty bad about putting sunscreen on every morning, but now I do,” she dished. “I don’t leave the house without putting sunscreen on my face, so the ones are things that I’m now sort of adapting as I’ve gotten older.

Belle makes sure to feature a smidge of makeup earlier than heading out for the day way to her grandmother. “My grandma was a sincerely lovely woman, and even when she was almost 80 years old, she would never depart the residence without putting on her lipstick, even if it changed into to walk from one corner to the opposite,” she said.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019: nine Candles Perfect For Setting a Romantic Mood Opens a New Window. She didn’t should have any other makeup on, but she had to put on her lipstick. I suppose there’s something to be said approximately that and usually retaining up appearances in a manner, like what’s essential to you,” the actress introduced. For me, I continually put on mascara. That’s my component or I’ll at the least curl my eyelashes and I assume I picked that up from my grandma. She wouldn’t leave without adding that one touch.


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