Practice and prepare key with regards to getting the satisfactory feasible outcomes with hair braiding. Braids of each description take effort and time to create, so taking precise care pre-and the submit-salon session is a must. To get the low-down on the great feasible end in your braids, Vogue speaks to celebrity hairstylist Vernon François who exhibits his insider suggestions.

Vogue’s manual to hair braiding and submit-braid care

The purpose for having your hair braided is frequently to give it a relaxation, or if you’re traveling or on vacation and won’t be paying an awful lot attention to the fitness of your hair,” explains François. “I propose having a remedy ahead, preferably a protein mask, and to apply a hydrating spray each day once you have got your braids in to nurture the scalp, lock in moisture, and save you breakage.

Best merchandise to nourish hair pre-braid

The conventional favorite about nourishing oil has been coconut oil. Still, there are plenty of others in the marketplace now, so one can deeply hydrate and smooth hair down, including argan and camellia oil. François’s own Scalp Nourishment Braids and Locs Spray is lightweight and hydrating. “Spray onto the roots and mid-lengths of your braids or loss for a lovely and comfy finish.

Your quality friend is the slim-tooth comb with slimline take care of. This will ease down the hair, keep static at bay and the handle acts as a useful separator for the sections of hair. “Use the tail give up to help vicinity sections of hair into the correct role for up-dos and to phase,” explains François. “Depending on the texture, I will from time to time do a light blowout and braid with mousse or side cream for hold or a wet look.

Braid aftercare

Post-braid putting treatment will add that more shine and also give your very last appearance extra staying power. “Braids ought to not be to any extent further than four to 6 weeks max. It’s crucial to provide your hair a rest. If you keep your braids in for longer, the burden from the extensions can regularly result in lengthy-time period damage like breakage or hair loss. Using a silk or satin headscarf or pillowcase can clearly assist with locking in moisture, keeping strength, and even boosting shine.” explains François.

What about the product once the hair is braided?

Please choose the proper shampoo to preserve your hair and scalp clean when they’re in braids. “If you sense the need to scrub your hair, the usage of a co-wash is your high-quality wager. They often tend to be quite mild, so they get below the scalp and deeply moisturize. It’s essential to consider which you ought to rinse thoroughly after making use of your co-wash, which is a combination of shampoo and conditioner collectively. It means less harshness in your kinks, coils, and curls,” explains Francois.


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