Barbie has been inspiring and presenting leisure for so many young children. And now, thanks to Target’s new Barbie collection, children can rep their love for the iconic doll even as rocking some severely lovable and fierce new duds. Rolling out nowadays in select Target stores and online, even as dad and mom are wandering around their home far from home, they can also choose up a pretty tulle skirt and a few elegant tops for their Barbie-loving kiddo.

Every kid who’s owned a Barbie doll — who turns 60 this 12 months, according to The Guardian — is aware of the pleasure of dressing them up in fun and colorful clothes. And now, kids rock a few seriously lovely Barbie-stimulated attire as properly. On Sunday, Feb. 24, Target rolled out its new Barbie collection, which consists of 8 extraordinary pieces of clothing.

And the pieces are not handiest brilliant, fun, and lovely; they are pretty inspiring, too. As you could see below, many of the tops within the new Target series have empowering messages like “Girls Can Do Anything” and “Girls Can Change the World” written across the front. Talk approximately fierce, right?
Beyond the empowering messaging at the tops, there are also very fashionable and fun tulle skirts your kid would manifestly like to rock at the faculty.

Oh, and as any Barbie-loving kid is aware of, no outfit is entire without some fun add-ons — like a tote bag, sunglasses, watch, or pocketbook.
While your kids will really be keen on the brand new line, mother and father can also be on board with the cheap fees. The objects range in the series from $7.99 to $24.Ninety-nine, with the maximum expensive item jogging for only a little much less than the rate of an average Barbie doll.

But, there is one tiny catch: You’ll act speedily in case you want to snag any of the items within the Barbie collection. According to Target, these portions will simplest be available to buy from today until April 21. So, you have got two months to snag these wonderful amusing items.
Little children have cherished Barbie due to the fact her humble beginnings in 1959 when she changed into simply sporting a washing in shape and high heels, as noted by way of New York Post. Since then, but, Barbie has come to be so much more. In fact, she’s held over 150 careers, according to BuzzFeed.

Barbie is now a music teacher, a chicken farmer (that is ideal for a farm loving female, in line with evaluations), a pizza chef, and a jet setter (just to name a few of her pastimes and careers). And, it became simply announced in advance this month that Barbie is popping out with a doll that uses a wheelchair and has a prosthetic limb to “develop the definition of beautiful,” in line with USA Today, with a view to being to be had in June.

Indeed, it is a big 12 months for Barbie. Between the new inclusive dolls and Target’s latest style series with empowering messages, kids have greater alternatives than ever earlier than to express themselves.


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