Angelina Jolie has the pout. Kerry Washington has the sky-excessive cheekbones. I…Have dry, flaky pores and skin. For as long as I can keep in mind, stupid, dry pores and skin have continually been a part of “my emblem.” I can whip up a flawless, glowing face beat using a mix of my favorite luminous foundations (hi, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation) and powder highlighters without having to % at the setting powder. But, when it’s time to eliminate my makeup on the stop of the day, I’m reminded of the largest skincare woe: thirsty skin.

In determined need of a few hydration, I booked a facial at Glo Skin and Laser Spa in New York’s Financial District to get the brand’s signature DermalInfusion facial, which makes use of skin-particular serums to infuse within the pores and skin all while combining exfoliation and extraction to hydrate and improve the skin’s appearance and texture. I became in for a complete marvel when the esthetician and founding father of Glo Spa, Sai Demirovic, uttered words that reduce me deeply: “You don’t truly have dry skin.” What?! I’ve been dwelling a lie this complete time.

A flurry of questions observed this startling revelation. “Does your skin every so often experience surely dry and tight after you cleanse your face?” she requested. I nodded sure. “If your purifier is drying you out, you are beginning with a pH it truly is already off-balance, so your pores and skin go to try and start compensating for that through either producing extra oils or turning into too dry. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have dry skin, you might just be the usage of the wrong cleaner,” Demirovic said. I can’t be the simplest one available who has misdiagnosed themselves with dry pores and skin, so I requested her to give an explanation for exactly what dry skin is, what causes it, and a way to treat it, ahead.
What does dry pores and skin seem like?

“Dry pores and skin can appearance quite a few one-of-a-kind approaches. Normally, there may be masses of redness, flaking, and irritation on the skin. If the pores and skin feel especially dry after washing your face, that’s how your cleaner is drying you out. If you wash your skin and you experience tightness to your face, it’s how you already know you have got dry skin.”
What causes dry skin?

“You ought to simply be lacking hydration. You are probably using creams which are simply sitting on the pinnacle of the skin and now not virtually penetrating beneath the surface. I sense like serums are simply important to apply to your habitual. So, using hyaluronic acid as your base serum will sort of help maintain you from drying out and no longer clog your pores.”
What styles of substances must you truely live faraway from?

“Glycolic acid is something you really want to influence away from. That’s something you maybe you need to use as soon as a month, simply a completely mild amount of it, as it’s miles a gentle exfoliator, just to cast off some discoloration. But it is now not something that ought to be utilized in a nightly serum or everyday serum.”
What components/products might dry pores and skin gain from?

“Milk cleansers are honestly high-quality and gentle, specifically for the winter time. I could endorse IS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex as it right away balances your pores and skin’s pH, so that you’re already going to start your day with pretty much a nice foundation to apply your products on. It’s true to exchange up your cleansers because face washes can be nearly seasonal. It’s not a lot what is within the product, it is more about being more cautious whilst the use of it, and most effective using a bit at a time to see what your skin can handle.”


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