Dressing up kids for a festive event can be a tedious project for lots of dads and moms. So how about dressing them differently this time? Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist, Voonik, and Neha Sachar, Co-founder at Kidology, listing down some alternatives in festive dressing for kids so that you don’t spend time breaking your head over the dressing of your youngsters this festive season:

Festive season style guidelines for children 1

Let your youngsters be a reminder of the gaiety and amusement of the festivals. Dress them up in clothing that is pleased and vibrant whilst being tastefully matched. Monochromatic fits and clothes can also look classy. Still, stylish clothing that comes out is a satisfactory match for little ones.* Get playful with colors: There is no 2d notion approximately guessing the reality that most kids love vibrant hues.

* Comfort is the key: Festivals are approximately having fun, runabout, and playful pranks. Children at the event of festivals are particularly happier once they see their cousins and families collectively and lift the spirits of the residence with their indulgence. So stick with dressing them up in comfortable festive clothing instead of heavy ornamental ones, limiting their actions and purpose exhaustion earlier than they even start their play.

* Let or not it’s formal: Nehru jacket paired with simple shirt-trousers and clothes or robes for the little women might also ooze magnificence while nonetheless retaining it festive.

* Accessorise: Festive clothes are not any fun without the accessories that go together with them. Spend a while to accessorize your child’s outfit and give interest to the element. Girls have numerous peripherals in keeping with the event, while boys can jazz it up with appropriate traditional headgear, watches, or even matching footwear. The number one rule for dressing your family isn’t always to hesitate to attempt out some matters. If the budget isn’t always a constraint, be ambitious sufficient to look for festive inspirations from designers, or a little Do it Yourself (DIY) will do wonders. Tastefully blending and matching distinctive aspects of favor can also bring about a stand-out outfit on your next event and makes your kid the megastar of the show.

* Let them express themselves: If your baby is used to choosing their own clothing regularly, let them taste practical festive style via asking them what they sense like carrying in the next festival. If your toddler is above 8-nine years of age, it’s miles fantastic if you allow your little one to choose their next outfit, allow them to make errors, and educate them a tip or two approximately dressing while making it an exquisite event for bonding over festive style.


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