She is Executive director of Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN), inside the Market Arcade, 617 Main St., The former director of making plans at Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper (now Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper), is a board member of the National Preservation Partners Network and Buffalo Niagara River Land Trust. She has a master’s degree in urban design and planning from the University of Washington in Seattle, and a bachelor’s in political science and urban planning from Canisius College.

Fashion Friday: Meet Jessie Fisher, PBN's executive director 1

Born in Seattle, she moved to Buffalo – her parents’ fatherland – when she became in center school and attended Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts and Buffalo Seminary. She and her husband, Scot, stay in Buffalo with their four youngsters – Rachel, thirteen; Simon, eleven; Hannah, 7; and Oliver, 5 – and their 3 cats.
What she’s sporting: Poppy-coloured pleated linen skirt with uncovered seams she offered online at Boden.Com; black-and-white striped shirt; flat slingbacks from Boden.Com.

Colorful paper bead necklace from Global Villages on Grant Street that she borrowed from her cousin to wear to a party 5 years ago – and in no way returned. “It came domestic with me and has lived with me ever because. I keep away from seeing her after I’m carrying it,” she laughed.

Signature piece: She is by no means without a black, double-ring bound pocketbook with blank pages from MUJI that she makes use of for all be aware-taking in her existence – from assembly memos to her children appointments. She has a stack of them in her workplace. She determined the notebooks on the MUJI save at JFK International Airport approximately seven years in the past and has used them every in view.
Fashion statement: “I spend lots of time trying to explain to humans how homes work, how homes stand up, what makes them structurally sound. And I love clothes that do the equal aspect, where you can see the systems seen within the garments – container pleats, visible seams – that truly give you an experience of ways the clothes are constructed and the way they are made, just the same as what we do with homes each day,” she said.

Last purchase: A small necklace from Sasmita Batik Indonesia, in the Market Arcade, and a black stretch cotton-knit jacket from J.Crew. “It’s hot but doesn’t experience oppressive,” she said in the market for A dress to wear to PBN’s 2019 Preservation Awards on May sixteen at One Seneca Tower. “It’s an amusing cocktail celebration. I’m within the market for a get dressed to wear that day that does the event justice,” she said.


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