Beauty Tips: How To Apply Magnetic Lashes

If Google’s most trending splendor search in 2018 (“the way to apply magnetic lashes”) is anything to head by, the beauty industry’s obsession with all matters eyelashes is displaying no signal of preventing.
Considering how difficult it’s far to master the artwork of making use of and eliminating false lashes without pulling your real ones out, it’s no surprise that magnetic lashes are so popular. After all, the concept of sandwiching your lashes between two magnetic strips sounds rather clean and painless, doesn’t it?
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While the innovative lashes may additionally sound like a magical beauty hack, the utility seems to be no easy feat. With the assist of Hong Kong make-up artist Becky Kwan, we put magnetic lashes to the check. Continue studying to discover the great suggestions and hints to amp up your lashes like a pro.

Add a mild coat of mascara to add thickness on your natural lashes before making use of the magnetic lashes. This step creates some grip to maintain the magnets in location, specifically for those who have little too short herbal lashes.

The magnetic lash bands may be flat and stiff when you’re taking them out of the container, which could motive the corners to lift up when carried out. Wiggle the lash bands backward and forward together with your palms to melt it up and make it greater supply for less complicated software.

Instead of staring right into a replicate instantly-on, location it underneath your face at a perpendicular perspective and appearance down at it. It’ll almost be like having your eyes are closed, besides this manner, you may see precisely whether or not you are placing the strip near sufficient for your lash line.

When working in your right eye, preserve the outer fringe of the top magnetic lash with your right hand and the internal edge of the lowest lash along with your left hand, and vice versa. Hover the top lash on the pinnacle of your herbal lash and the bottom component beneath your lash, as close to your lash line as possible. Once it is covered up well, the magnets will snap collectively.

Check yourself inside the reflect to make certain that the lashes are at ease and in the vicinity. Adjust them if vital to line them up along with your natural lash line, and you are properly to go.