While the luxury perfumer is a fan-favorite for its candles and smells, Diptyque is now introducing a new lineup quite specific from any other. Instead of spritzing or rolling perfume onto your wrists and neck, the Prêts-À-Parfumer collection is several scented add-ons.

You Can Now Wear Perfume as Luxe Accessories, Thanks to diptyque 1

Before bottle perfumes existed, people wore scents on the jewelry on their neck or belt within the Middle Ages – Diptyque took thought from this historic technique to create its brand new variety. The logo determined that this method will be an extra favorable choice for those who like diffused scents more than stronger ones.

Kicking off the gathering is a bracelet that arrives in a protracted black and white thread, located in a black field branded with the perfumer’s conventional brand. The thread, arriving in the scents Do Son, Eau Rose, and Tam Dao may be wrapped across the wrists as often as you want and held collectively with a gold-plated clasp.

Next up is a golden steel brooch in the form of a chook, which features a small compartment for pre-perfumed ceramic discs in Do Son, Eau Rose, and Fleur de Peau. Finishing off the variety is a perfumed sticker, which can be located on any part of the body such as the wrist, again of the neck or shoulders.

With designs stimulated with shadow puppets, the wearer can reapply those stickers that come inside the scents Eau Rose, Do Son, and l’Ombre dans l’Eau. Would you put on those as opposed to bottled perfumes? You can head over to Diptyque’s web store now to buy the Prêts-À-Parfumer collection, priced from USD 55 to $a hundred and twenty USD.


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