Sophia Money-Coutts gave her verdict at the Cryo Facial at Cadogan Clinic
Dr. Maryam Zamani says the £1,000 remedy grants on the spot results
Areas of the face are blasted with air-cooled to -78c for 30-second bursts
The remedy promises to stimulate collagen and elastin production
Celebrities consisting of Robin Wright and Mandy Moore have praised the remedy
Sophia compares her transformation to the usage of an airbrushing app

Normally, facials are a treat. An hour lying down in the dark whilst somebody strokes your face with lotions that smell like roses or cucumber. There may be whale music gambling within the heritage; there may be a head massage. You spring up from the nice and cozy mattress feeling ten years more youthful and well pampered.

Wrap up heat for the facial that FREEZES you in time: It charges a fab £1,000 and blasts you with air chilled to -78c 1

The Cryo Facial is not anything like this. It isn’t always remotely soothing, nor do you get to lie down and loosen up, as it’s a short remedy that lasts only some minutes. And even though there was any whale-tune gambling in Chelsea’s Cadogan Clinic, I wouldn’t be capable of hearing it due to the fact this facial is astonishingly loud. It’s like driving across the Arctic in a car with the roof down, the cold air pummelling your face.

But this extreme facial is also a cult new treatment much liked by American celebrities along with actress Robin Wright and singer Mandy Moore, which has lately been released through Dr. Maryam Zamani in her London medical institution.
One of Britain’s top facial aesthetic doctors, Dr. Zamani, says she regularly offers it to customers who are hitting the purple carpet that night because the benefits include on-the-spot outcomes. Your pores and skin areas plump as a pillow, she says, and also, you’re instantly glowy. There’s also no downtime, adds Dr. Zamani. You can even have it over your make-up if you need to nip in for a remedy in the course of your lunch wreck. Oh, and it’s a fab £1,000 a pop.

But what genuinely is it? Well, cryo is short for cryotherapy, or ‘cold therapy.’ In current years, it’s turn out to be a fashionable treatment that promises many outcomes.

Various clinics now offer treatments in cryotherapy booths (also dubbed ‘well-being chambers’), which are lowered to a temperature of -160c, and you step into — bare.

There you stand, shivering in the sales space for up to 4 minutes, with professionals claiming advantages include speeding up your metabolism (and burning fats cells), lowering infection and migraine pain, preventing arthritis, improving antioxidant tiers, and boosting the immune device.
Dr. Zamani’s Cryo Facial is a greater centered model because it specializes in the face and includes blasting regions with air-cooled to -78c for 30-2nd bursts thru a tool that looks as if a hand blender.

The intention? To stimulate collagen and elastin production (the skin’s ‘young people’ proteins, which we lose as we age) and improve movement. And it would help if you didn’t even get naked for it.

The Cryo remedy may be administered on its own, says Dr. Zamani, as she palms me a hairband, ‘however I usually do it in combination with other treatments for more outcomes. On occasion, I also do it after fillers or injectables and after lasers, as it cools the face down’.
Alas, I’m now not a movie star hitting the red carpet any time soon and, after a protracted iciness, my skin is dry and flaky. Plus, my cheeks are so light I seem like a consumptive Victorian. Dr. Zamani takes one look at me and says she will make two approaches earlier than going beforehand with the Cryo detail.

First, she gives me a mandelic acid peel to prepare my pores and skin for the cold. It’s now not a harsh peel; it gained’t take numerous skin layers off and departs me searching like a creature from a Stephen King film, but it will lightly exfoliate. ‘All the dead skin, pollution, debris, the whole lot could be long past in a few minutes,’ says Dr. Zamani.

She is the poster woman for best skin — smooth brow, apple cheeks, and glamorous, too. She applies my peel dressed in a sublime black outfit — black trousers, black top with puffball shoulders.

I lie there — in short, you have to sit up for the blasts of bloodless air — feeling like a scruff in the evaluation, attempting not to breathe on her while she leans towards me.

After five mins of the peel, my skin tingling; Dr. Zamani sweeps it off with cotton pads. Then it’s on with protecting eye patches, and they run a laser throughout my face. ‘It stimulates collagen, and it’s a certainly stunning way to plump the skin,’ she says—the laser beams from a tube that looks as if a huge pen and emits a beeping noise. ‘Like Pac-Man,’ she jokes.
It looks like hot oil is being dropped on my face. On sensitive areas and in which the pores and skin are thinner, including my brow, it almost burns. I wrinkle my nostril as I odor singed flesh. I had a stepfather who turned into a farrier; the whiff is just like a hoof just after it’s been clamped with a warm metallic shoe. ‘It’s the laser interacting together with your pores and skin. However, I promise it’s not melting or burning,’ reassures Dr. Zamani.

Sure sufficient, eye patches removed a couple of minutes later, I appearance crimson however healthy like a little one who’s teething.

Afterward comes the Cryo element. Dr. Zamani makes me sit up straight at the mattress so she can hold my head. ‘Are you prepared?’ she says. ‘It’s swift.’

In seconds, it’s as if I’m in a snowstorm in Siberia. The severe cold! The severe noise! Dr. Zamani blasts one cheek, then the other, then my brow, and sooner or later, my chin and nose.

The last area is the maximum alarming because with bloodless air shooting at high speeds from the machine directly to my top lip, it’s hard to breathe. Claustrophobic. All in all, no longer enjoyable. Dr. Zamani stops the roaring gush of air, and my skin feels tighter. It’s as if I’ve just been for a bracing wintry weather jog in the park. ‘The hairs to your face have little icicles on them,’ says Dr. Zamani.
Then she stands again and inspects her handiwork. ‘You appearance a little drunk, but first-class. Flushed,’ she adds. She does a layer of SPF on my face and says I’m loose to go. In general, the remedy has taken about 25 minutes, but the Cryo itself took only minutes.

Checking my face inside the reflection, my cheeks are crimson; my forehead so bright it’s nearly reflective. I grin at myself. The traces around my eyes are less mentioned, and the skin over my cheekbones looks lifted. It’s as though I’ve used an airbrushing app.

I’m now not pronouncing I’ve converted into a Kardashian, but the shape is better described. No surprise, celebs go to Dr. Zamani before a night out; it’s an instant, non-invasive facelift (even though, on the price, you may be a superstar to have enough money for it).

It’s no long-time period method, with consequences lasting simplest as much as a month. Still, it’s far a nifty restoration for a celebration or wedding if you’re cautious of treatments that include Botox or fillers.

Several friends commented on my pores and skin over the next few days. And I assume you’ll trust me, a compliment more than makes up for lack of whale music.


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