Nicole Miller is quality-referred to as the founder of an eponymous international fashion logo. While the award-prevailing designer is well-known inside the fashion enterprise, fewer people understand that Miller additionally likes to permit her creativity to run wild inside the kitchen. Her preferred interest is cooking, and her revel in shaping patterns informs how she makes food.
“As a designer, you have to be creative and prepared,” Miller said. “With my recipes, I like to take a whole lot of creative license with them. I in no way follow any recipe precisely as it’s far.”
One of Miller’s favorite ingredients to make is pasta. Although she was raised on French cooking, Miller stated she finds her husband and son each experience it and loves that it’s miles this kind of versatile, easy meals.
While a fashion designer who eats carbs would possibly sound unbelievable, Miller stated she doesn’t agree with in following trendy, restrictive diets, however, focuses as an alternative on eating entire meals.
“I don’t like to comply with meals fads, and absolutely everyone I understand nowadays is in a meals fad,” Miller said. “My one factor is that I don’t want to consume processed food. I like to eat the actual issue.”
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Miller’s weight-reduction plan consists of lots of fresh produce, and he or she is a big seafood fan. Some of her favorite crowd-eye-catching dishes consist of decadent lobster bisque, shrimp curry with jasmine rice, and Vietnamese summer rolls. Miller has devoted herself to perfecting the artwork of crafting the appropriate summertime roll over time and in the video above, she shares her techniques with us.
Miller thoughtfully builds each summer roll with aesthetics in thoughts (as an amazing style fashion designer might do) and guarantees a few pieces of juicy shrimp and vibrant cilantro sprigs are visible. She provides butterhead lettuce, rice noodles, and a bit hoisin sauce to her rolls and decorates them on a platter with cilantro and mint.
Instead of serving her Vietnamese summer rolls with a conventional peanut sauce, Miller creates her personal spin on a name took-fashion sauce for dipping.
Find out more approximately Nicole Miller’s recommendations and tricks for balanced ingesting in the video above.


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