Once a leopard spots its prey, there is genuinely no stopping it. And reputedly, the equal is going for the print. Leopard print has, yet again, set its attractions at the fashion global, and is marking its territory in every genre of clothes, footwear and add-ons it can get its paws on. But actually, all feline-related puns aside, there may be no denying that leopard print has formally ended up the pattern of the season — perhaps even of the entire 12 months — and now, it’s making a move into swimming wear.

While animal prints of all kinds are seeing an uptick within the swimming gear branch, leopard print is making the most noise. From bandeau bikinis to excessive-cut one-portions, we are able to hardly find a suit style that is not included within the notorious spots. So next time you’re planning a weekend getaway or week-long spring wreck blowout, do not forget to p.C. One of the 15 leopard print swimsuits in advance. Trust us when we say, no beachside packing list is whole without one.